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5 Ways historical figures can impact you as mentors (article)

Historical figures that took a risk and chance at leaving something behind for future generations in the form of hope, resilience, hard work ethics and also kindness towards humanity can often seem larger than life.

At school we learn that these folks defied the norms and at most times risked their lives to follow through on their mission to leave the world a better place than they found it. They made history not by going with the status quo but by often going against it.

Right now you have a few of those historical figures in mind. -- Great.

Think about those folks outside of their written epic moments. Think about their everyday life. Think about when they were young and the normalcy of their everyday, outside of struggles they may have faced during that time. When you do that you can see that they are not so different from you and me.
They had favorite foods too and foods they didn't like. They had favorite songs, favorite outfits, favorite movies or stories and most importantly they had and were full of flaws. They got mad, were unreasonable to some at times, they were wrong about things that they defended so strongly.

Now, sharing their humanity is not shared to take away from or undermine their impact. Actually, can you see yourself more comfortably in their shoes? Isn't it a bit easier to see yourself as capable too?

Here are at least five ways historical figures can impact you as mentors: See comments box below.

(Add one in the comments box below. Get four others to add one each too. Happy leading.)

Thank you for being you.

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