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Your Goal-setting/set your intentions course awaits (article)

Renewable Energy - Fern the poet
A few years ago, I attended one of the coolest after-hours yoga get-togethers. What's an after hours yoga get-together you ask? To me, just events that are referred by or sponsored by a yoga studio happening usually after class.

So this event that I attended was a goal-setting/set your intentions class.

Here's how I remember it:

Each person states their big future accomplishment or goal and the circle of peers join in an add what the day in the life looks like for each person.


One person says: In five years, I see myself as a successful chef.

The circle could add: You are traveling the world to immerse yourself in global food culture. You are no longer working a paycheck to paycheck job and doing your craft on the side. You can afford vegan and organic foods. You've impacted 1,000 people. You have a series of successful cookbooks called, "What's cooking good looking!". You are an influencer online, you combine cooking with social impact. You created several apps to combat food waste in several communities. You started a non-profit to get kids healthy foods and snacks after-school and during holidays and the Summer months. You...

This goes on until you become a movie star too... And all of it feels so organic.

So, could we try it at home and below in the comments section? 

Happy impacting. Thank you for your leadership.

In unity of purpose,
Fern the poet

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