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How to Take a Step Back And Reflect (article)

Is how to as important as why we should take a step back and reflect? Great question.
Let's explore both.

Why should we take a step back to reflect?

Three possible answers include:

  •  We've heard it a million times before, in various ways; you may be moving in a direction and not staying still, but you might be going the wrong way. So, it's important to reflect on your intended path to make any needed adjustments.
  •  Stepping back can be fruitful. It allows us to see the past. History doesn't always have to repeat itself. When we look at the past, it can allow us to better understand ourselves and thus give us confidence in our actions as leaders of our journey and not victims of circumstance.
  •  Some may believe, and rightly so, that when we look back and when we reflect, we exposed ourselves to truths that hurt. This is true in my experience. I have found for me that when I'm ready to take action, I do but I'd rather know who I am dealing with, knowing myself is more important long-term than avoiding what may be keeping me, perhaps unknowingly, from where I want to go.
  •  Bonus: How do you feel about all of this? Why should or shouldn't we take a step back to reflect?

Now let's explore how.

How do we take a step back and reflect.

Four possible answers include:

  •  We can take a step back to reflect when things do not go as we plan, because it can help us see the journey and not just that moment in time. Something as simple as closing your eyes, or taking a deep breath can help, I think. (Should I be more confident in my answers? Maybe. I am. I am just sharing my truths.)
  •  We can have a system in place to help us accomplish the stepping back and reflecting goal. Writing daily for three years plus has been my system. 
  • You can also have an accountability partner. I'm happy to be yours. Subscribe to this site and whenever to get a new post/message, let that be your moment, regardless of what you are doing at the time, take a minute to pause and reflect.
  •  Gratefulness and mindfulness can help us to really arrive as a place or reflection. Or is it the other way around? well, why can't it be both?
  •  Bonus: What sayeth thou? Thank you for leadership. Ciao.

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