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Nine steps to finding your voice (article)

Disclaimer: There could be a lot more than nine step. Or there could be no steps.
The real ideal here is about finding your voice, and just in case, to not disappoint, there is nothing here that relates to expert advice from a voice coach.

This article is the reflection of nine people, from all walks of life who were asked to complete a survey titled "If there were nine steps to finding your voice, what would you include as one of the steps?"

Happy reading. Happy impacting. And thank you to all of those who contributed to this article. Your willingness to open up and share your inner wisdom is quite inspiring. Thank you for your existence.

(We hope that you too, the reader, would add YOUR step in the comments below. Thanks, Fern the poet)

1. Give it a try.
2. Learn more about/from others who are speaking their voice through various mediums.
3. Share what you are learning with someone so that you can grow in mastery.
4. Give stand-up comedy a try. ...If you only like telling jokes sitting down, this may not be for you.
5. Join a speaking club. | I was a part of Toastmasters International before and enjoyed ever minute.
6. Learn lyrics to your favorite songs and see the impact that words can have and has had on you.
7. Do something that reminds you that your feelings are valid.
8.  Pat yourself on the back for your desire to find your voice. Find why you desire such plan. And why now.
9. Listen intently to a stranger's personal story.

Have you taken the pledge yet?


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