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The 3 easiest ways to realize your gifts (article)

Before we explore what I believe, and I could be wrong (and there's nothing wrong with that, I've been wrong about many things before), are the three easiest ways to realize your gifts, we ought to better understand gifts and their powers.

Gifts in the sense of potential that just needs to be unearthed is usually a key puzzle piece to living an active and fulfilling life. Gifts help us to develop our dreams or in other words what we do not yet deem possible in the present moment but we embrace as a future reality.

Gifts help us to bridge the gap between the now that has a lofty view of future achievements and the future daily grind of the realized goal.

Because life is a journey, it is quite difficult to just arrive at a goal. More than not, we evolve into a goal that continues to evolve into newer adventures. Gifts therefore are not static. Or at least should not be perceived as such. There's plenty of research out there that argue whether gifts are divinely given or naturally bestowed upon us or if they are a work of persistent labor. -- I'll let you do the research and answer it for yourself.

So, what are the three easiest ways to realize your gifts?

1. Work on it/them.
2. Place yourself in a supportive environment.
3. Share freely the bits of gifts that reveal themselves so more may come.

4. *BONUS* When we nurture the dreams of others, the Universe can reveal to us more of our own.

Do you agree with the answers above? If not why not and what would you list as answers? And, if you think the question was not the right question to ask, then ask one in the comment section below.

Thanks. Thank you for your leadership.

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