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What to do when others make you feel small. And how to do it. (article)

The what to do-s:

  • See your greatness.
  • Speak your truth.
  • Find your place of safety.
  • Seek to better understand all that you have to offer to the world because you are indeed important.
  • Think about what would cause someone to try to make another feel small (both accidentally and deliberately).

The how to do it-s:

  • At times it can be a good idea to confront the person, but at other times it is not.
  • Talking about it to someone you trust, just so they can hear you out can be really healthy.
  • Writing it out or writing about your experience can really be empowering. Try your hand at poetry or just a personal journal. Sometimes it turns into a song or an art piece and that's okay. By okay, I mean that's awesome!
  • Take time out of your day to do something that makes you feel appreciated.
  • Take some time away from this person.
And please know that you are loved. I appreciate you.

Let me know your thoughts below. Please feel free to inspire others with your thoughts on the subject at hand. Your feelings are valid.

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