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11 reasons why personal finance is often not taught in public school, and at uni? (article)

Well, personal finance is often not taught in public school, and at university because:

  1. We don't know why.
  2. There tends to be a specific education/career track observed and personal finance does not fit any or most of those tracks.
  3. Public education has shifted from educating for personal growth to educating for industry readiness. (Was public education ever about personal growth specifically?)
  4. Personal finance understanding was not a necessity before. It is now, but public education is slow to make the leap.
  5. Public educators do not yet realize the necessity. It suits a competition over collaboration societal economic model.
  6. There's too much red tape to make the change and there's no more room for a new subject matter at this time.
  7. Maybe the thought of teaching personal finance in the public education sector is frightening because the leadership does not believe enough educators are qualified to do so effectively.
  8. Personal finance is assigned to qualified individuals in society such as an investment banker, tax professional and others, so the task of educating the masses is left to them.
  9. It is beneficial not to teach personal finance to youth in a spending economy.
  10. Because the public school system does not know where to begin.
  11. Because the public school system expects that this subject be taught at home.

Well, there you have it. These thoughts are not backed by research, just reflections. Please share yours in the comment section below. Your voice matters. 

Perhaps sparking the conversation will lead to systemwide change.

Thank you for your leadership.

(By the way, does anyone know if there is a country in the world where personal finance in a part of the public education curriculum and what has resulted because of that model?)

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