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American Favelas (poem/book#1)


American Favelas

Shakespeare had no idea
That his collection of plays
Would one day lose
To the drama easily found
In modern day news.

You can find Aisha, Jacob
Or even Carla
Who speak boldly
In this hood,
Just like Malala.

TV, I beg you please see,
See more than those in the ghetto
Shooting ball or shooting guns.

Geneva Ave.
A mother’s daydream,
A Mother’s Day dream
Lost by a stray bullet –
Heat wave, no jobs, summer crime,
Preachers pleading, “Hey, cool it”.

Opposing faiths,
Modern day hate-scars
Served on tectonic plates
Jewish, Muslim, Christian
Why not human?

In a time where existence
Is riddled with pride,
Instead of molding to our world’s divide,
Let unconditional self-love and world peace

Feel the human experience.

Love to young single mothers
Graduating from the projects
And hearing no applause.
Love to young mommas raising young Alvin Aileys.

Broken lives restored.
Broken glass windows
Shining hope daily.

A multitude of beautiful young minds
Shooting for the stars.

There is good in the hood,
Regardless of what they tell us.
Resilient, beautiful young minds sprouting
In our American favelas.

Thoughts of the week: How does this piece make you feel? Kindly share in writing. You are a poet becoming. Let your unconditional self-love and world peace collide. We are one big family.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2