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Black (poem/book#2)



They told me to get over it, it was just a breakup. I wanted to jump off that bridge ‘cause it was more than just a breakup. So much infighting, from focus to fracas, I just felt the need to break me up.

I am a blank. I am a blank canvas. I took my brush and took a go at pink, then took a go at red, then took a go at blue, and so many other hues, and what I drew was me. And you said you loved it and I did too, even though the painting wasn’t perfect.

I’m it. The painting is me. I saw my purple, which to my eyes, I saw as purpose. I was happy with the vibrant colors on the canvas. There’s not enough time in a day that I could devote to describe the many feelings that my painting of me was able to emote. At times depressed and at times not, but I was okay with who I was, ‘cause when I looked at me, I saw a work of art, I saw love. And you helped me to see that.

I took that canvas and gave it over to you; I gave you all of me and I felt like it was worth it. I thought that you felt that it was sacred.

But one day, out of the blue, my thoughtful joy was robbed, and my peace was left in pieces. I lost my canvas when I lost you. And it hurts to know the truth: I will not see you again. And you won’t give back the me that I gave to you, all of my vibrant colors, the me that I am – my truths.

Now, all that I’m left with

is the black water that I made

rinsing the paintbrush

after every stroke of color

that I used to paint you,


Black. – A painting of my depression.

Black is a beautiful color.

Black-is-beautiful. I am.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2