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Decolonized Spirituality (article)

Dear Mindful Being,

I remember reading Things Fall Apart in junior college and feeling like, wow, finally, I’ve found the words to describe the root cause of some of my dissatisfaction with the religious experience that was bestowed upon me since childbirth and later I sought on my own to help me with finding meaning in what I so then perceived as a fear induced and angry world.

I literally went to church eight days a week as a child, and when I was not at church, church came home to where I called home. The community feeling felt nice, however there were a lot of nuances that made me dissatisfied with the church experience. I was lost. I wanted to express how I was feeling at least to myself, and question certain practices, but I didn’t have the words yet, like, were slaves expected to dress up for church because they were in the master’s company and the master’s company's company and so “we” had to look presentable? Did my ancestors have a different religion that preached love for your neighbors and others positives that as a child I learned in church? 

Could I leave the formalities of modern religion behind without believing that I was at odds with a greater being? Could I be honest about my flaws and be respectful of the potential flaws and struggles that others had? 

What does it mean to be spiritual? And could I unearth in me a decolonized sense of spirituality? These are all questions and thoughts that I struggled and sometimes still ponder upon.

Did I spark a conversation in you? Please share your thoughts. Your mindfulness is valid.


I feared retaliation, persecution and isolation when I first began the book series and the topic of religion and spirituality came up as a formidable and necessary subject. I feel honest with myself for sharing my experience and I hope that you stay strong in your faith, whatever it is or may become. What you believe and or do not believe in does not change how I feel about you.  

Thank you for being you. Thank you for your existence. And thank you for your leadership.

You are a beautiful soul. I hope that you can see it because I can feel it.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2