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Elevated Poverty (poem/book#2)

Elevated Poverty:

My man was bragging to his boy saying that he had over a hundred pairs of Js as he was hopping on the bus and negotiating with the driver over change. Sneakers are a drug. A supersonic short term tonic to make us feel good. We look good being coerced into a prism masked as a high school survival mechanism. Making money is a skill. To make one one-hundredth of a million, we don’t know how, but we are constantly, breathlessly chasing our tails/tales for an Air/heir of wealth. We sacrifice success and what’s next for feeling like a millionaire right now. We appear high net worth with showmanship expenses and debt unworthy of ever being confused for a safety net. Until we reach old age, we may never realize that our spending lifestyle sucks. We spend over a million minutes of lifetime labor just to look like a million bucks.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2