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"Freedom Over Fear" (article)

Sometimes "freedom over fear" statements and sentiments require first the acknowledgement of trauma and pain within oneself or in others. Freedom over fear can be dismissive as a language when used as a quick pick me up so that one does not have to deal with  the situation at hand.

Being dismissive is very different from feeling the fear and doing it anyway, or understanding the fear, appreciating its presence and existence, really seeing its power, how it has and can impact your everyday and long-term goals, and also how limited its ability and maximum impact can be. Wooo-sa!

So in essence, try to understand your fear(s) in detail. Analyze it through all lens and angles and realize that you have the potential within and the resources around you to thrive above your fear(s).

Now, just as a disclaimer, we are not talking about fears that keep us safe and healthy, etc. We are referring to fears that always seem to keep our potential at bay.

So what do you think about all of this?

May you be fearful yet courageous today.

Have you read: A letter from heaven by George Floyd*?


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