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Gracious (poem/rap/book#3)


                        Goodness gracious. Walked into this house
                        And it was so spacious. It’s so different from my world,
                        I thought I was on a spaceship.
                        When I got back home, it felt like a makeshift.
                        I wanna swim in money like I own a basin.
                        I should just be grateful that I have the basics.
                        I feel so ungrateful, disappointment on my face,
                        I might need a facelift.
                        I won’t run the streets, I’ll just run in _esics.
                        I duel with bejeweled dreams.
Finally, I’m flying off to Austin and feeling ostentatious.
                        Success did not fail me, I’m just really on a late trip.
                        Destiny, your date slipped.
                        I’ve fallen one too many times, my shoe is untied,
                        I might need to lace it.
                        I’m going for the win, not a tie, so my confidence is sacred.
                        I’ll find my way back home, and my way on top,
                        I open up to love, I’m naked.
                        Destiny, thank you for your loveliness,
                        You have been so gracious.


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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2