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Hate the game (poem/book#1)


Hate The Game

For those times when people minimize your worth.

I’ve vocalized where it is I’m headed.
Why do you diminish my worth?
Do you thrive on clipping wings?
Does it bring you joy to label me as
Normal, average, typical, savage?

Is the reality of your actions tragic?
Or am I misunderstanding your logic?

Why can’t I be exceptional without
Your verifiable proof?
I say that my mind has a good strong bill of health,
You scoff and tell, believing that
I’m lying to myself.

Should I retreat from feeling that I’m more?
Or should I deny my truth,
And quit knocking at opportunity’s door?

Does the noise bother you?
Does the noise bother you?!
Does my knocking awaken you
From your restful, peaceful slumber?

Does my pounding the pavement
Shake the foundation of your plans?
Does my creating new paths in your garden
Ruin your precious plants?

Do you want me to get on board?
Would that untie the knots
That I’ve created in your stomach?
Is my determination rendering your future nostalgic?

Are you on board?
Or are you replacing your lack of hunger with hate?
Life is a game.
Are you mistaking the game with the (chess) pieces?

I am a queen.
I am a king.
And in my mind,
I stand strong with my knights.
So don’t hate the player,

Thoughts of the week: “I think [feel] therefore I am.” – RenĂ© Descartes | I am not your opinion of me. | If anyone has ever said to you that you are too slow or that you’ll never amount to anything, they’re wrong.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2