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Hert. (poem in progress)

They call me names.
They say that those like me are novices in their financial games.
They will not let us water down the concentration of wealth.
(We've always hurled their stock to market.)

They call me young and stupid.
They say that we are careless,
While corporations are unprepared for even just a three months break.
They say that I and we are to be held responsible for giving hope to industry
In the middle of a global pandemic. -- Sike, if only. Farce.

They sway the market with peaks and valleys
All day long through timely news,
But that doesn't make front page.
They say that we are playing in a grown man's game.
(You can guess his race.)

Millennials and Gen Z take risks while they borrow at zero to play tricks and buyback a-frenzy.

Yes, once upon we were the pawns and slaves.
The underground railroad is newly built on the exchange.
Robyn Hode is here to stay and here to make a change.
A random walk down memory lane, who are you to say?
This sport of therapy seeking consumer or hidden owner is ours too
To play.

We know the truth. Economics 101.
The elitism and racism will not easily go away. --
Maybe never. Facts. This is Noam-man's land.
They say that we are so destined, still, to fail. They call our methods greed.
But what we hope to make is chump change compared to those who hold endowments in billions,
Yet charge us even beyond bankruptcy or death to pay,
With interest, because they're here to educate.

It hurts.
It hert - z.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2