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How to sort of self-publish without being ashamed or without feeling small (article)


You want to let your mind wonder and your pen too.

You have decided on a journey for your enjoyment, your therapy perhaps, and definitely for the betterment of others.

You've taken a mind-blowing decision to become an author (at least that was the case for me), and now you are faced with what seems like a surprisingly troublesome decision:


So you start researching and you find all of these options out there. They all seem plausible, but when there are too many options, it is always more difficult to make a decision.

Luckily you've made one: to self-publish. But, oh, wait, will this decision make you feel small?

Self-publishing is here to stay with the advent of the internet and with the opportunity for you as the creator to keep ownership of your work and enjoy the full business rewards of the fruits of your labor. (Happy researching and learning.)

Here's what happens:

Our society glamorizes a few and labels them as successful.

This in turn becomes ingrained in our culture to idolize those few.

Those few have bestsellers and they make it look so easy with resources that you do not believe you have.

Using the resources that you do have, you feel small, unlike them thus unsuccessful.

Here's what can happen:

Focus on your impact and not impressing others.

Find ways to build a community instead of just selling a product like a book.

Give value to your readers.

Celebrate the opportunity that you have or may have to transform the life of at least one.

Congrats. As you grow and as your impact grows, you too can have bestsellers, but bestsellers are not the goal. Creating transformation is the goal.

Thank you for being you. Thank you for your existence. And thank you for your leadership.

By the way, before I published, after compiling my works, I officially copyrighted. Here's the link to the United States Copyright Office. -- I believe that it's smart to protect your intellectual work.

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