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If you loved me (poem/book#1)


If You Loved Me

My body speaks:

If you loved me…
If you loved me
I wouldn’t be such a mess.
I wouldn’t care so much about the size of my breasts.
I wouldn’t think so much about sex.
I wouldn’t pass on so much rest –

If you loved me.

If you loved me,
I wouldn’t feel so broken.
My wounds wouldn’t feel so open,
A nice day wouldn’t feel like a token,
A kind phrase would even out my sloping,
But still I’m falling into shaming,
So here’s to self-love and hoping –

If you love me.

If you loved me,
I wouldn’t get old so fast.
I wouldn’t be such a people pleaser.
I wouldn’t care so much about my hair
And how it could look neater.
I would look at me and see a person beyond the mirror.
I’d look for my roots.
I’d dig a little deeper.
Life’s goals would be so much clearer –

If you loved me.

‘Cause you know that I do.
All I’ve ever had and really wanted is you.

All you have to do is love me.

I am your body. (Pause)

Will you learn to love me for me?

Thoughts of the week: Let us together move from hate to indifference to love to consistent love and to unconditional love. The beauty that you truly desire, you already have. It can be felt from inside. | “You wander from room to room hunting for the diamond necklace that is already around your neck.” – Rumi

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2