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Original (poem/book#3)


I know that we are strangers,

Yet still with your audacity you call me strange.

You try to shape my world for me, then say that I do not fit in.

I keep my gold, I shape my own,

I break the mold and grow beyond it.

I’ve done no crime,

But you profess that only you can make me feel so wanted.

My past will not be felt as haunted.

I tilt my head up to the sky,

But you suggest that I should aim for something less.

You question my every step, in your mind so rightly so,

Until you feel like you have nothing left.

You see me fall on my last breath, then rise,

And so, you ask yourself, with much surprise,

How could that really be possible?


You’re silent when I speak, you speak when I am silent,

And there’s a difference.

I speak through voices from beyond my delicate inner environment.

I speak when I am moved by something greater than me.

I speak to those who more than allow me the opportunity.

I speak through more of my actions than words,

But still you do not seem to wish to see or comprehend.

To be another, I will not pretend.

I don’t have to be bland or not as sweet to be.

I am.

I am the letting go of expectations while striving for inner peace

And while embracing authenticity.

My, oh my, I am. My I am sheds light on special.

My I am is the result of mindful.

My I am stands out amongst a pitched-black vision-less world,

Though it may be only a touch of sparkle.

But you don’t know me like that. How could you?

Though my reactions to adversity may seem illogical,

How could my shine not be possible?


For the hope of one day,

For things which now look bleak, I am present.

For future generations with lens of possibility

And hands so full of drive, I am present, I am preparing.

Sudden stops are normal.

Soulful corrections and swift progressions have been internally normalized.

I face the cold, I trek the bold, I love my own, I pave my roads,

I train my breaths through daily snow-capped mountains.

Give all you have first to yourself

From your most unconditional self-love foundation.

The love which flows through you, if you allow it just to be,

Can be a well-kept fountain.

If making a difference in the lives of others

And building meaningful connections are what you desire

For your all to embrace, then you are not too young

Or too old to start your own foundation.

It all begins with just a single step

And do expect your mind to hint and say,

In this moment, how could that be possible?


What’s in it for me, I ask?

Will I not be troubled by the uncommon feelings of pursuing

The never-have-been-done-before by me?

The feelings, I imagine,

But the pain is something that even now I can’t ignore.

My deepest space of hope is seeking for a place to love and meditate.

My heart speaks to me in words that my human intelligence

Could never ponder to create.

Grow your mind and you will never be able to give so much of you away

To existing culture, doctrines and dogmas.

I grow beyond the skewed and all misunderstood parameters of karma.

Though visibly I do not wear an armor, I go in peace

And time protects my honor.

I am mentally prepared for war through showing up and showing love.

If you should seek to disregard and fight the human that I am,

There’s much for you to understand.

You see me fall on my last breath, then rise,

And so, you ask yourself, with much surprise,

How could that really be possible?


But the better question is, are you original?

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2