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Past-Tells (Colors) (poem/book#2)


Past-Tells (Colors)

The night is young

And your bright smile makes it feel even younger.

Gather around, and let’s stop time

Or make the minutes take a little longer. – We are all here for a reason.

My life is sweetly better with you in it.

Deep in my heart’s farthest region,

Is a place, there just for you with a perfect fit.

No need to paint a perfect picture.

Let’s just reframe the conversation.

Frame by frame, let’s not frame each other

For what we didn’t do.

Frame by frame like in a movie,

I just want to get close to you

And give you a big hug and tell you that you’re loved,

And let you know that I’m happy to hold your hand,

If you’re slipping, cause I’m a friend.

There’s no need for angry words

When a little space will do.

All in due time, all in one accord,

When the time is right, and rightfully so the time will come

When thoughts of love will grow above

The nesting weeds of bitterness.

Take as much time as you need.

Thank you for helping me to reframe my youthful idea of love.

Take away the stuff,

Take away all of the accomplishments,

Take away the makeup, the money

Or society’s ideas and skewed definitions of beauty,

And the lesson learned will be beauty at its finest –

That will be the take away.

Let me not wait any longer to tell you

That I love your humanity; you don’t need to slave away.

It has been long enough

For you to know that you are

So lovingly beautiful,

As you, the real you,

Every single day. – I love all of your many colors.

I’m here for you,

If ever you need me.

If life has you down, I’m a friend,

I will listen, feel free to tell me.

If trouble comes your way,

And I don’t seem to be there,

Don’t worry; I am more than one.

From far across the globe and locally,

We are all here to stand by you –

From New York, Chicago, Louisiana

And all along the great Bayou.

Together, as strangers yet as friends,

Through the language of love,

Though our mother tongue

May not complement, love will always be evident –

We will always be by each other’s side.


A forever present force

In the midst of our chafing world.

We release our energies out onto the Universe,

Hoping and knowing that it will reach you in time,

And in time of need.

We can also feel the love that you’re truly seeking,

The one that you actually have within.

Life, colored in pastel –

The beauty that you see in us,

The beauty that you feel from us

Is a reflection;

We are simply human mirrors showing you your true reflection.

You’ve heard this before (past-tells),

Your inner voice is beautiful.

We reflect.

What you see in us is you.

We love love as much as we undoubtedly love showing you just how much

That we love you.

Transcend. Transform. Rise above.

With love,





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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2