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Perfect (poem/book#1)



– Finding unconditional self-love amidst our most turbulent states

I am the wolf in sheep’s clothing.
I am me, myself and I loathing.
I am me, myself and I gloating.
I am me, myself and hurt.
I am destructive.

I am the night that stalks the day.
I am the knight who loves to slay.
I am the path out of no way.
I am destructive.

I am the one who clipped your wings.
I’ll make you choose to sink or swim.
My game is rigged, you cannot win.
I am destructive.

Yet, my unconditional self-love speaks:

Today is a bad day.

But you cannot love yourself halfway.
Beautifully agathokakological,
Embrace both your good and your ‘bad’
Because it takes your two hands
To shape your heart. (Pause)

Take your time. Embrace your humanness.
I cherish you, always. You are not alone.
Broken, vulnerable, flawed –
Such feelings are more than okay.

You never have to earn my love.
Your joyful spirit requires no prerequisites.
Be complete and uncompromised in who you are.
Be. Imperfectly perfect.

Thoughts of the week: What is unconditional self-love? Are you afraid of what others may say or think if you practice unconditional self-love? Do not to allow the opinions of others to deter or define you. | Be cool with who you are right now (reading and seeking to improve yourself). Feel your emotions. Embrace them without judgment. Just try to understand them and where they come from. And when you do, appreciate that space inside of you that allows you to feel and be open to allowing your unconditional self-love to dwell there as a local and not just as a tourist. Welcome home.

Keep learning to love all of you daily, flaws included.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2