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Rhymes & rhythms a go-go (poem/rap/book#3)

Rhymes & Rhythms A Go-Go

Splitting hair, like,
Like it’s not even fair,
Like I’m no longer a present
Or person,
Like, like I’m not even there.

I bear out my soul,
But you don’t even care,
I work for a whole,
I ask for a tenth,
But that you don’t even share.

A walk in your shoe,
But don’t I need a pair?
I’d ask for a raise,
But I don’t see the stairs.
I just see the stares,
I just hear the laughter,
You scoffed what’s the matter, you,
Hah, there are plenty after.
After my measly position?
After these working conditions?
After all these raise restrictions?

I cried,
I called myself victim,
But I need you after,
You do not deserve meh,
I’m accustomed to your customer-err service.
I bottle it all up,
I cannot look soft,
Permanently teething,
My smile’s on, but inside I’m grieving
Like a poor disaster,
But you say that times are different now…
Still I call you…

Someday I’ll learn the ukulele,
                                    Find my way back to Haiti,
                                    Under palm trees so shady,
                                    For two lifetimes and maybe
                                    Catch coconuts like Brady,
                                    Act out a bunch like Brady,
                                    Take daily naps like babies,
And give kind love
To those who made me. –
Why someday?

My success’ a go-go.
My rhymes float a rowboat.
Fool me twice, a no go.
Arbitrage, I go, go.
I’m making moves, a dojo.
Shocking like a fro-yo.
Me stressing out, a no go.
Peaceful days, peaceful night, my business, my logo.
Life’s flavorful, A-do-bo.

I write without censorship,
Promoting teen voice and mentorship.
If I leave a message, don’t press skip.
Educators, please share,
Parents, keep carefully building on your trust relationship.
And this feeling of hope, when times get tough,
I hope that all involved can savor it.
If all gets lost, if your ears don’t get caught,
Loving yourself fully, first, is the one and only major tip.

I’ve not reached my prime,
I’ve not reached my grandeur,
Yet I celebrate my learning daily.
I know I’m not strong enough,
Based on cultural standards;
I know that I can’t go without showing emotion.
I don’t think I’m crazy.
Why is it so easy for your ads to make me crave a different body?
And we both know that my hernia’s tired of me trying to bulk up.
I’m no longer interested in being a man through your lens.
I don’t care if I…
I don’t care so much about appearing cordial;
No more dressing formal,
I’ve become an artist, a poet,

Different is my new normal. What’s normal?

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2