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Rose (poem/book#2)



Earnest fillip crushed

By the turmoil of the soul –  

Deflated, malleable, yet I reassert my presence.

Power lines are meant to energize

But can also cause shock and death to life.

Hope, I am drawing onto you.

Can you see the etchings of my scars?

Can you spark my heaviness back to light?

Elongated arms pointing in your direction,

Am I guilty of unnecessary self-defense?

I blame myself for not being stronger,

All the while I openly profess my strengths.

I am but a rose, full of thorns,

If you dare to reach for my soul.

I am but a series of thoughts thoughtlessly engaged

In thoughtless dutiful actions.

When will my rising sun

Ever take shape?

When will my dream-state life

Ever gain traction?


Before first light,

Unobstructed by sleep,

I rose,

From despair to love.

I rose from despair to love.

Inspired thoughts of the week: Singing is possible. Singing is ________________________.

Poetry is possible. Poetry is ____________________________________.

Inspiration is possible. Inspiration is ________________________________.

Freedom from ________ is possible. Freedom from ________ is _____________________.

Friendship is possible. Friendship is ________________________________.

___________________ with you is possible. _____________ with you is ______________.

Breathing is possible. Breathing is _____________________________________________.

__________________is possible. ____________________ is ________________________.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2