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Superheroness (poem/book#2)



Gather ‘round – Fam or fame, fan the flames, they say that we are all the same. Man, that’s a statement that is hardly sane; working hard or hardly working, when you’re living the dream, it all feels the same. High on life, love the haters, and yes, I love the games. Wins or losses, you know that my love won’t change. Shooting for the moon and I love the range. Distant future and disordered past, distant friends, the present is all I have. Standing when I’m down, well I’m odd and strange. Shoulders buckle, still I chuckle, still I hustle, still I rumble, never grumble at my present circumstances. – Life gives so many second chances.

By the wings of Maya, I am reaching higher, they can sense my fire, still I rise. I keep making moves, one would think they’re dances. Creativity unleashed, troubles try to occupy my peace, I hardly have time for glances. I refuse to dream on mattress, failure is just practice; a closed door here, no sweat, next stop is the atlas. I am not afraid of time zones. Looking through the lens of five years, man I know that I’ve grown. Opportunities unleash – from the seeds that I’ve sown. Speaking through the universe, I don’t care if I’m known.

I trust myself – my Self – to lead the way, to help me in finding a place where I can truly heal and open my humanity to growth. What I thought was the light at the end of the tunnel ended up being headlights – oh dear; any breakthrough feels temporary, yet I will remain steadfast in my pursuits. Victory, not guaranteed, but possibilities are clear. Superheroness within, I don’t need to wear a suit. I will not blame. I will not blame me. I will choose to love today. I am. I am wide awake. I am here. I am here to stay.

Self-love, I’m a fan of me, I give myself cheers, in the midst of tears. I’m a fan of me, I can smell the air, and I can feel the breeze. I can sense the loveliness of galaxies beyond, and all the galaxies within. I look to the sky and dream.
I look to the sky and lose myself in peace.

I thought I completely lost my mind,
Only to realize that my heart is filled with mindfulness.
Who I am is not lost.
I can no longer wait for your eternity
To bestow respect for my individuality.
I am here. Why do I have to get used to your hurting me?

I look to the sky and lose myself in peace.
I will not commit suicide or give up on my dreams.
I’m at peace with your decision. Are you?

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2