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The untold value of deliberate, rigorous, learning outside of school (article)

School is known to most as a place of learning.

To be more specific, tests, exams, quizzes, memorization regiments are its norms. If you oppose the information that you are presented with, in most cases, as a method of respect to your grades and futures, it is best to accept them for the grade while you do your best to not let it impact you, shape you, oh and try your best to hold on to the person that your growing, fragile, belief system believes you to be.

In short, school is not fun to most. And learning becomes associated with must do or else jeopardize your educational system future rewards.

Sad truth.

How can we relearn education and learning?

How can we fall in love for the first time or again with learning which encompasses questioning without fear, learning for truth and personal growth, and learning for the love of learning?

What is the untold value of deliberate, rigorous, learning outside of school?

Are you curious to know? Are you curious enough to search and share?

Please share your answers in the comment section below. Thank you for your leadership.

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