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From the shopping cart's perspective (poem/book#3)

From the Shopping Cart’s Perspective

When you were little, we met while you were crying, and you seemed loved.
You slid your feet inside a space that I designed just for you.
As you got older, you still came by with your mother.
You touched my sides while you were pointing at your favorite snacks.
“Can I have this? Can I have this?!”

Then I saw you with lots of friends.
You filled me up right to the brim.
At other times it was just two, just you and someone else that
You hugged and kissed and wheeled around in merry bliss.
You raced me down with so much joy.
You seemed too grown, but still I was your one and only favorite toy.

Then it was off to a career.
And months went by, I thought you disappeared.
When you stopped by, I realized, you ate alone, junk foods like fries.
You didn’t seem so happy, but your car looked real nice.
You didn’t seem to care too much if it was me or a little blue basket.
These were the times when you appeared your saddest. –
And this was the time when you began to buy lots of liquor to mask it.

Many years have gone by. I’ve got a broken wheel now.
And a locked ankle bracelet on my front right foot.
My supermarket sign is gone, my tiny seat has been removed.
Yet, I’ve never ever felt so warm and loved. Our blankets keep us warm.
Your face, your smile, your care for me, at my old age, brings so much joy.

Thank you.
I’m happy to see you through another day.

I’m thankful that we have each other.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2