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Makeup work (poem/book#1)


Makeup Work

A father’s love

You look like an artist
And your face is your canvas
The way you put on your makeup
Is like mother nature’s designing
Of the aurora borealis.

It might seem strange for me to
Compliment you on your makeup,
Especially because I am the one who
Would go through great lengths
To remind you that your beauty is within.

And it’s true you know, the makeup,
I don’t believe you need it,
But I am trying to see the good in everything
As you see it.

I’m letting go of the brushes
That I use every day to define life
And instead, I’m opening myself
To seeing things from your perspective.

So effortlessly beautiful,
As you are, as you choose to be,
With or without your makeup,
Your beauty radiates through your compassion for others
And your gift in encouraging others to be their best Selves.

You are a modern-day Rembrandt,
Picasso, a Marina and Frida Kahlo
And yes, you can sharpen your pencil
(If you’d like),
But your blank canvas is complete.
Your natural beauty is error free.
Love, as you are, you are a precious work of art.

You, your mind, heart and soul,
Today and every day,
To me, are more than beautiful.

The makeup complements you really well. – Love, Dad

Thoughts of the week: See the beauty in yourself, in life, and in others.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2