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Still Standing (poem/book#1)


Still Standing

I am not too old to cry.
I am not too strong to sometimes
Say that I feel weak.
I am not too brave to sometimes
Say that I feel anxiety and fear.

As clear as the marks of
My weaknesses are on my sleeves,
Hope beats rhythmically within – I am free.
As my heart captures the essentials of me,
I am a beautiful morning dew.

Out of my shell, but with dispirited wings;
Sometimes, I feel so distant from myself.
And I am hurt by me, just so I can feel.
I close my eyes and find it hard to breathe again.
Sometimes I feel, to myself, I’m not a friend.

But, they told me so,
The stars above have looked below
Wondering how I, so far away,
Could shine in such a wondrous glow.
Seeing our coral core essence,
The Universe, in all her beauty,
Marvels sweetly at our presence.

Spatial eclipse, help me to say that
I forgive myself for all of the mistakes that
I have made. I forgive others as well today.
Today forward,
I am free to unleash my presence.

I am me.
I am flawed, blemished, injured,
But I am still standing. (Long Pause)

What makes a beautiful tree is not that it is spotless, and untextured,
But that it is still standing.

Thoughts of the week: Like the crown of a tree, keep your head held up to the sky. And like its branches, regardless of marks, imperfections, and flaws, keep your arms open to giving love to and receiving love from the Universe.

This week, may you find your truest Self listening to the music of your silence, for your truth within speaks volume to your soul. The answers are within us. – The stage is set and the best of you will surely come.

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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2