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What did you say? Don't talk back to me. (Article)

I was a teenager once and I do not profess to know what it is like to be a teenager today.

I do know however that the journey to adulthood can be a peaceful pathway for some, but for many the responsibilities and the anxieties of adulthood are already a part of daily life -- and to make matters worse, teenagers still have to deal with teenager life: being in a dependent yet independent space.

Life as a teenager is beyond difficult. Many adults wouldn't be able to successfully manage the schedules, fears and pressures of teenage life today if they were thrown into "teen shoes".

Why do all of this matter? It matters because it leads us to reflect on a very important question:

What can adults do to help?

We must listen and listen from a mindful and loving place. We must acknowledge their struggles, hear their voices and remind them of their value as unique individuals. And we must work to alleviate their stress.

Please share your thought below. Your thoughts and feelings are valid.

Here's an article about the challenges faced by teens globally.

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