PROUDLY A #BLMSAFEHAVEN | Why FERN THE POET? Over 3 years of daily reflection writing, 4,000 dedicated hours and counting, resulting in three books and a unified mission: To inspire students who struggle academically and students of life who struggle with unconditional self-love to discover who they truly are, unearth their humanity and voice through being vulnerable, and find their nobleness of now: their unique transformational leadership abilities. | You are not here accidentally. Let's Team Up.

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Acknowledge the flaws,
Embrace the humanity within,
See reality,
Then work to recreate
And reshape it.

So much beauty
In the frailties within
Our human energies.

Note to Self:
What you know is
Not as important as
What you are willing
To actively learn.

Find it in yourself to uplift.

Inspired thoughts of the week: Victory is possible. Victory is _________________________.

("Despite The Flaws"/Watering. Excerpt from book two, Being Vulnerable: The Art of Unleashing Your Humanity by Fern the poet) | 2018 © Fern, With Love & Sweat Equity

Renewal, Fern the poet

Becoming Remarkable: The Art of Discovering Your Unconditional Self-Love 
(Book One) | 2017 © fern the poet

Philosophy: Your dream life, prosperous future, world travel, purposeful career, financial freedom, academic drive, personal success -- Maximize all of these experiences by fully loving who you are inside. Start now. Flip!

Mission Statement: Becoming Remarkable is written to inspire students who struggle academically and with unconditional self-love but can be applied as a support system for all students of life.

Vision & Strategy: With art pieces designed to encourage the therapeutic practice of drawing and coloring, introspective thoughts of the week that prompt you to reflect and take action right away, and meaningful quotes to inspire hope daily, Becoming Remarkable is crafted to create positive impact in your life, exactly as you are.

Being Vulnerable: The Art of Unleashing Your Humanity
(Book Two) | 2018 © fern the poet

Philosophy: To remind readers that their feelings are valid. And that their existence and self-worth is priceless and needed.

Mission Statement:
You are not here to force others to be inspired by you. --

Just share your story and your truths so far, without having to hide or
compromise your creative energy from the world, in the hopes that others may
find the courage to tell or continue to tell their own story and reveal or
continue to reveal their truths boldly, despite and through the power in their
flaws; their humanity.

May the embracing of our humanity help us to piquantly unleash our
repressed, unrefined, misunderstood, unprocessed, suppressed, overlooked,
and unvalidated potential.

For the youth. For freedom of the mind, spirit, and self-humanity.

Vision & Strategy: This book is meant to challenge one's own thinking (and the process thereof) and to question what they currently perceive and accept as norms. The text is meant to be a dialogue and not a book of finite answers. Can a book be a listening book, rather than text that tells a story? If this is possible, it is the essential and humble overall goal of Being Vulnerable.

The Nobleness of Now: The Art of Separating With Someday And Embracing Your Transformational Leadership, Today
(Book Three) | 2019 © fern the poet

Everyone has leadership potential that can be activated today. Together, we believe in nurturing the seeds of leadership within us all.

Mission Statement:
It's time to introduce yourself to the world on your very own terms. The work herein exists to foster growth, leadership, and community.
[For a better world, to create one to one million new self-help teenage transformational readers/leaders.]

Vision & Strategy:
To go beyond the pages of our books by building a community of impact leaders and agents of change through workshops, events and on-the-ground outreach.
To create partnership opportunities for individuals and educators to be compensated and recognized as they curate/promote the contents of the series through various platforms.
And most importantly: To be open-minded to new impact opportunities.


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"If I push you fall, if I inspire you fly, you are loved as you are, you don't need to try." Book #2